A very important added-value service provided by Myton Industries, EDDIE PICTUREcontainer customization should not be confused with our custom product design and molding program. Listed under OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT are some broad categories of optional equipment. Some have been used so often that they are staples of the line, such as DRAINS and LOCKING DEVICES.

We encourage you to ask for any customizing, no matter what the quantity. By enhancing the adaptability of our containers and carts through the use of hardware and a little creativity, we can frequently satisfy your unique requirements.

Customization can be as easy as adding a contrasting COLOR LID or DOOR, or adding CASTERS to any container. DECORATING through the use of STENCILING, ADHESIVE-BACKED GRAPHICS or the more permanent MOLD-IN-GRAPHIC ® process can be used for corporate identification, consecutive numbering, instructions and any other pertinent information. Requests for fabrication of steel or aluminum platforms, frames, DOLLIES are common and can be fulfilled in our fabrication shop.


One of the more popular options is our choice of DIVIDERS. They can be removable or permanent and be constructed out of various materials and thicknesses.  ATTACHED / HINGED LIDS are a frequently asked for option. THREADED METAL INSERTS can be molded into the container wall. Threaded inserts can facilitate the attaching of hardware or other items to your rotationally molded part. We can also use SPIN WELDS to form male or female threads on finished parts.

Our inspired team of technicians, with over thirty years of practical experience look forward to finding a solution for your material handling container application.
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