It’s hard to imagine modern day life without reusable plastic containers in our homes and especially in our manufacturing facilities.

Plastic containers are incredibly versatile. They can be utilized touse of plastic containers store, handle and distribute a wide variety of raw materials and finished products, safely and economically.

They are lighter and less costly than steel and will never rust. Unlike single use corrugated cartons they will not absorb moisture and can be used in wet environments. They require no set-up or disposable costs and they can be reused hundreds of times, eliminating annual packaging costs, while providing a rapid ROI.

ribbed wall containers

Rotationally molded containers in particular are seamless, making them adaptable to virtually every industry. Whatever the application, keeping the elements out or wet contents in, reusable plastic containers are the logical choice. Rotationally Molded Poly Containers can be molded in a wide assortment of styles that will enhance their adaptability to a particular industry or application. They can be designed to nest when empty for efficient storage or stack when full. They can be molded with a double wall for added strength or foam filled for it’s insulating qualities. Containers can be molded in an array of colors and have permanent identification

molded in. A popular feature is fork and pallet jack entry, eliminating the need for wood pallets and the cost and problems associated with them.

It is easy to see why demand increases every year as more and more
companies realize the long term advantages of reusable / returnable plastic containers. Industry estimates project the market for multiple trip containers of all types grows 20% annually.

There is not a single industry that has not integrated reusable plastic containers into some segment of their operation. The aerospace, auto, pharmaceutical, apparel and food industries are just a few of the industries that have reduced costs and improved efficiencies through the use of reusable plastic containers.

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