Use this custom product checklist to calculate your container needs:

1. What is the end use application?

2. What is the item and size of the part to be containerized?

3. Is this a new container design or a replacement for an existing container?

4. What is the weight capacity required?

5. What is the volume or gallon capacity required?

6. Will the containers need a lid?

7. Will the containers be stacked? How high?

8. Do the containers need to nest?

9. Will the containers be rackable?

10. Will the containers be forklifted / pallet jacked?

11. What mode of transportation; truck, air, ocean?

12. Will they be used inside or outside?

13. Is chemical resistance a factor?

14. What will be the operating temperature?

15. What tolerances are required, I/D and O/D?

16. What will be the size of the initial order?

17. Is there a drawing available?

18. Do you require engraving or graphics for instructions, your logo, etc.?

Please note any additional features required:






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