The rigidity or flexibility of a rotational molded container is controlled by the properties of the resin used and by the wall thickness of the molded part. The selection of materials for rotational molders is limited. The most popular resins include: High Density, Low Density, Liner Low density and Cross Linked Polyethylene. Additive packages can be incorporated into the resin for fire retardation, anti-bacteria, static discharge and decorative granite finishes. While the selection of materials is small, it is sufficient for molding all but a small percentage of material handling products.

The resin used for the Myton line of shipping containers was carefully selected to meet several important criteria.

  • Provide sufficient rigidity for stacking and prevention of wall deflection or bulging
  • Provide elongation or flexibility to withstand repeated high impact at high or low temperatures
  • Comply with FDA / USDA requirements for contact with food products.  (21 CFR177.1520)
  • Provide excellent Environmental Stress Crack Resistance and is UV stabilized for use in direct sunlight
  • Provide excellent chemical resistance (see Chemical Resistance Chart)
  • Polyethylene does not absorb moisture, odors nor promote the growth of bacteria

To obtain the desired end product, Myton uses only first quality Linear Medium Density Polyethylene resin. The material is recyclable. So-called “WIDE SPEC” or reground resins are NOT used.

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