Myton’s respected reputation in the container industry goes beyond our thirty-five years of manufacturing quality products at competitive prices. It’s also the result of our ongoing commitment to increasing your profits though more efficient use of labor and production facilities.

Myton is an established manufacturer of rotational molded reusable plastic containers.

Myton shipping containers, Bulk Carts, Bushel Trucks and accessories are adaptable to virtually any industry. The wide range of sizes, features and load capacities provide the key to a plastic containersmaterial handling system that will allow you to store, handle and distribute your raw materials and finished products more securely and efficiently, year after year. However we have learned that you cannot have enough sizes, styles and features in any one product line to satisfy every application. Many times with a little ingenuity and some off the shelf hardware, an existing product can be CUSTOMIZED to accomplish the task at hand.

Our expertise is in the field of material handling containers and we consider ourselves as consultants and problem solvers. After reviewing your request we can be counted on to suggest the right product, even if it is manufactured by a competitor.

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Material Handling Products